What’s better than a horse trainer? A team of horse trainers that don’t compete against each other to get your business, but work together to provide the best for you and your horse. At Rising Star, we compete to win with you, so that you achieve your goals with the support of a team of professionals experienced in various disciplines and discuss with you, as a whole, the best practices for your horse. Whether you’re looking to jump, do dressage, or just pleasure ride, it’s always best to receive the help and support of professionals that have the same principles and baseline with different experiences and ideas to help you and your horse. That is why we also include our sponsors and medical professionals in the educational process of our clients, making sure that you always have the resources you need to be best informed.

When you train at Rising Star, on a school horse or your own horse, you don’t just learn to ride - you become a horseman/woman. You learn to understand the horse and apply principles from as many disciplines as needed to achieve your riding goals in harmony with your horse. We at Rising Star offer a multi-trainer facility with one home and one main goal: to help you.

Our Vision is to be World’s Leading Equestrian Facility for students and professionals to connect. We envision Rising Star Equestrian Center as the first step into professional horse back riding where we will find the horse that better suits each of our client’s needs while maintaining a competitive pricing strategy that gives everyone the opportunity to enter this fantastic field of the Equine World.


Eugenio Arranz  Founder of RSEC

Originally from Spain, Eugenio has had an extensive riding career starting at the age of eight. He traveled throughout the entire world during his youth, learning the diversity of the horse industry. After extensive experience in the Equestrian world in Miami, FL, USA. Eugenio has landed in Bucks County, PA to continue offering professional services of riding lessons, training, and sales. Eugenio Arranz is a trainer certified by the United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA).