Right outside beautiful peddlers village, just within walking distance; you and your horse can enjoy this prime location with many years of history. Work your horse rain, snow, or shine between our two arena options including a large outdoor riding arena with premium footing, and a large indoor lighted arena. We have a variety of stall sizes from the cozy and cool bank barn to the well ventilated shed barn. You may also take advantage of our ample tack room, wash stall, and bathroom on location. Main Street New Hope is just a few minutes away with tons of dining options to enjoy after your ride. If you get tired of riding in one of our two rings, we have access to riding around the whole 25 acre property in a safe environment!  

2302 Street Rd, New Hope, PA 18938

This is a training barn...


All horses boarded at RSEC must sign up for a pre-paid package of lessons, training, extra care services or an outside trainer flat minimum fee for your equine. We promote health & wellness, and daily detailed attention to your horse. 

"Learn to understand, and develop a relationship with your horse" 

  • Stall Cleaning up to 2x per day
  • Wash Stalls Cold/Hot Water
  • Matted Stalls with Variety of Sizes
  • Good ventilation
  • Feed through Fly Program (summer)
  • Blanket Changes
  • Boots/ Bell Boots on/off
  • Standing for Vet & Farrier 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's):

What animals & disciplines can be boarded at Rising Star Equestrian Center?

At Rising Star Equestrian Center in New Hope we board horses, ponies, and miniature horses. We primarily focus on training, and educating horse enthusiast proper horsemanship for any discipline. We have no restrictions as to what they want to do with their horse as long as it’s in a safe manner for yourself, your horse, and others. 

Can I bring my own trainer to Rising Star Equestrian Center?

Provided you are enrolled in full care boarding, there is a $150 per month trainer fee per horse taking lessons (that includes a trainer fee of up to 3 lessons per week wether you lesson or your trainer rides the horse). Lessons must be scheduled based on availability to avoid conflict with riding program schedule.

Do we have to take riding lessons to board a horse at Rising Star Equestrian Center in New Hope? 

Highly encouraged. At our riding Center we focus primarily on teaching and training; so you must have your horse enrolled in a program of either a combination of riding lessons and training or training for your horse. 
We have the option of paying a non-training or lessons fee that is $150 for you to just board and ride your horse. We may ask you to enroll in a program if we deem that riding your horse on your own is unsafe for yourself or others at our facilities. You may also pay a "outside trainer fee" of $150 per month if you have your own trainer and would like to just receive our boarding services. Trainer must be insured. 

Do you have limits and restrictions on dietary feed on the boarded horses? 

We have a budget of feed per horse based on a standard 1,000 lbs. horse in moderate work. We give lots of hay, and excellent Triple Crown Feeds backed by a nutritionist that supervises our horses & feeding program that can answer any questions you may have, help transition horses into our feeds, etc. 
You have the choice to bring your own grain and it will be on a per case basis. Bringing your own grain will not lower board prices. 
If your horse needs more feed than our budget allows we will provide you with a monthly quote of what it the additional feed may cost. 

Can I turnout my horse at my own discretion? 

We have a very strict turnout schedule so that all horses go out at ease, without having problems of horses getting worked up, or nervous coming in and out. You must always ask first; if there is a paddock available, and we can accommodate you turning out your own horse, we will do so with pleasure. 

Do you provide horse blanket changes? 

We do change horse blankets regularly on our standard full care board.  We work with the highs and low’s of the day, and always do our best to stay on top of sudden temperature changes to keep up wit the blankets and make horses as comfortable as possible. 

How big are your stalls?

We have multiple size stalls, ranging from 10’x10’ all the way to 16’x14’. Inquire with your needs and we will give you a boarding quote that suits yours and your horses needs. 

Do horses have access to salt?

We provide a standard salt block in the stall, and refill at barns discretion. 
You are most welcome to hang an additional Himalayan salt, or any other toys or minerals for your horse. 

What steps are taken to ensure that my horse does not get sick? 

Disease prevention begins with having staff who are mindful and observant of your horse's health and well-being. We have a great team of professional staff with extensive knowledge and experience. Additionally, Fall and Spring shots are mandatory for all horses being held at the facility, and regular de-worming as prescribed by the vet after our yearly mandatory fecal exams. 

What about the introduction of new horses? 

All new horses must be current in terms of vaccinations, and a deworming prior to be admitted to the stable is mandatory. New horse owners must also present up-to-date Coggins.

What type of hay do you feed? 

We typically feed first cut Timothy or Timothy Mix. We always look for safe horse hay, and have excellent suppliers year round.  We also have second cut, and alfalfa available for an additional fee for any customers that wish to use different hay. 

What happens if my horse gets injured or becomes sick and needs immediate attention?  

Your horse's health and well-being will always come first! Should your horse get injured or become sick, we will contact you immediately and will be monitored until vet and/or you have arrived so we can have a plan. 

What kind of vet will see my horse? 

We work with multiple local vets to ensure that your horse has medical coverage 24 hours a day and 7 days per week. You will have the choice to select a vet you’d like to come first but will always give us the right to reach out to any vet at our discretion if you or your prescribed vet cannot be reached. 

Question not Answered?

If you have a question that wasn't answered here or need more details on any answer that has been provided, please reach out to us!


Horses will be provided with an appropriate quantity of hay on a daily basis. Appropriate quantity is defined as the combination of grain, hay and dry matter grass from grazing equating to 1.0 percent (warmer months) to 2.0 percent (colder months) of the horses desired body weight. 

  • If more than 20 lbs of hay per day are required, additional charges will apply based on the current rate of hay.
  • If Boarder desires for the Horse to have hay other than that provided by the Stable, Boarder may, at its own expense, provide such hay for the Stable to feed to the Horse.


Horses are fed Triple Crown Nutrition grain as determined by the Stable at a quantity of no more than 7  pounds per day. 

  • Additional grain may be fed at an additional charge per pound.
  • If Boarder desires for the Horse to have grain other than that provided by the Stable, Boarder may, at its own expense, provide such grain for the Stable to feed to the Horse.


If requested, the Stable will administer supplements to the horse, paid for by the Boarder, provided such supplements and/or administration of them do not require any special handling or training or present any risk to representatives of the Stable. In such event, the Boarder must provide either Smart Pak supplements or other individually pre-packaged containers containing pre-measured supplements and/or medication.  All such containers must be labeled with the Horse’s name and “AM Feeding” or “PM Feeding”.

During summer months, a feed-through supplement will be provided to the Horse that suppresses fly production such as Solitude, SimpliFly or similar products which contain a pesticide which suppresses fly larval development.  

  • Note:  Products such as Buggzo and Smart BugsOff are not adequate because they do not suppress development of the fly larva – they merely discourage flies from landing on and biting the Horse.


Horses are turned out individually each day for a period of time except in the event of inclement weather or other safety concerns, as determined by the Stable.  Accommodations will try to be met for Boarder requests. Horses may be assigned more turn out for an additional fee when pasture space is available.

Additional Services

Stable provides blanketing services prior to turn out and night check. Turn out blanketing is based upon the high temperatures that are forecasted for that day via the weather.com app at the time of turn out. Evening blanketing in the barn prior to closing up is done on the forecasted low for the night. Boarder shall provide the blankets and the temperatures to which each blanket shall be applied. 

  • Please note, upon applying blankets, Stable will not go back out into the pastures and change blankets, therefore, we base blanketing on forecasted highs for horses comfort.

The Horse will have access to a salt/trace mineral block in its stall.

Boarder shall provide an appropriate turnout halter which is a “safety” halter with a leather or other type of breakaway strap. (if possible with the Horse’s name and emergency contact information on it on it)

Boarding Packages at Rising Star Equestrian


  • Premium hay as needed
  • Premium Triple Crown Grain 
  • Group turnout, or Private Turnout if space available 
  • Individualized tailored packages available 
  • Hand walking in place of turnout due to weather
  • Slow Feeder Hay Net when stalled 
  • Owners are free to use own vet/farrier or we can recommend ours 

Price Sheet

Prices start at $750 / month

* Plus $150 outside trainer or facility use fee or sign up for lessons/ training. 

We promote the wellness and proper exercise of every horse to keep it healthy, and provide you, as a customer, peace of mind. 

We take pride in attention to detail and individualized care. Our barn manager and/or head trainer trainer is at the facility daily to provide a safe and secure environment for the horses, students, and visitors.

We offer CONSISTENCY in our program, horses are delicate animals-routine, personalization, and respect are key factors we provide to ensure harmony amongst horses. 

We welcome trailer-in for lessons.