Leasing Program

Rising Star Equestrian Center offers a lease program for riders who qualify. This is a great opportunity to increase riding skills and answer the question of “Mom & Dad…I WANT a HORSE!”, without the risks of ownership. 

Leases will only be extended to riders enrolled in lessons who are able to tack up and untack by themselves. A pre-test will be arranged prior to a leasing contract being signed. Riders under 18 are only able to ride with supervision. This means riding times must be coordinated with Eugenio Arranz Jr. OR a parent MUST stay and supervise at all times. At NO TIME may a student be left at the barn UNSUPERVISED. This is for everyone’s safety!

Half Leases require a minimum of 6 month contract. Partial Leases may be month to month. All leases require a contract and must have 30 days notice before terminating lease. Leases withdrawn before contract end or without notice will be expected to be paid in full. Full lease students have first right to their contracted horse for shows or RSEC activities. 

Lease riding is NOT a lesson – but a chance to come out and ride FOR FUN! Lease students MUST have their own helmet and boots. Partial/Half lease students are asked to purchase a bottle of fly spray and one bottle of leather cleaner (Eugenio will let you know what kind) as needed for their horse/pony. Full lease students are charged a supply fee with their lease. Lease students must take care of their horse and tack properly EACH time they ride. Full lease students are expected to purchase their own tack. Tack may be rented for a short period of time while acquiring equipment. Half/Partial lease students may rent tack, but must not interfere with lesson students who have first right to equipment. 

Leases will include the Premium Board Care Package, 4 Private Lessons per month, and lease rental Fee. Horse will not be allowed to jump unless in a lesson. The average price for leasing a horse is $1,700 including farrier, lessons, and boarding costs. Lessor must provide tack, or rent our tack. 

A half lease will average $1000 Including lease rental fee, farrier, lessons, and boarding costs. Lessor must provide tack, or rent our own.