What to expect of a pony experience?

For ages 3-6 years old we offer this as an approach to the horse world. It is about 15 minutes of time with the animal. Whether it is spent on or off the horse. 

During that time the child will help groom, and pat the pony that will be tacked and ready to ride. If comfortable, and confident we will get him on and do a few loops around the riding arena or the farm trail at trainers discretion. Upon completion of the few laps around the arena we will return to the grooming area where the child will be able to give their pony a treat and say good bye. 

What if I want them to ride longer?

Unfortunately as much as we want your child to be capable of taking a full riding lesson, we must wait until their bodies develop, and their attention span is greater. During the pony ride the riding time is up to the trainers discretion. We cannot push the child to ride. We believe in encouraging them, but always when they want to do it.

What do they need to wear for their pony ride?

They need to wear closed to shoes, long pants, and ideally tall socks. 

Should I tip the help? 

Tips are encouraged but never expected. 

Can I get a package of pony rides?

You are encouraged to purchase a pre-paid package when you plan on coming weekly, this will help ensure maintain the same time/ day weekly for your pony and helper.  The packages are to be used within the purchased month, and do not carry over to the following month. 

Benefits Of Pony Riding For Kids

Pony rides are an excellent approach to horses, confidence building, and provide all benefits of animal connection, while bringing families together. 

There are many core benefits that taking pony rides at our New Hope farm provides. It's a healthy activity for your child where he or she can go outdoors, get some fresh air and enjoy nature. Riding also improves balance and coordination, as your child learns this new skill he or she starts developing a sense of confidence and freedom. 

$35 per ride 

Pony Rides in New Hope

Rising Star Equestrian Center Pa offers an amazing pony riding experience for children of all ages. Bring your child to come enjoy a riding experience as family, from grooming, to riding on a lead line.  We have a wonderful herd of ponies ready to be loved!These ponies have calm personalities and love to please, they especially enjoy their grooming sessions, being curried and brushed and given treats after their rides. Our pony rides are great for a first riding experience or contact with a pony.

Give us a call to come on over and enjoy pony rides at our farm at very reasonable rates!  

Pony Rides 

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