First: Sign up for a no-obligation introductory lesson. After reading through our general rules and restrictions below, click on the link at the bottom of the page that applies to you (Adult Rider application for riders 18 years or older or Youth rider application for those under 18). You will be re-directed to an application form where you will enter information about the rider and parent if the rider is under 18. You can print, sign, and e-mail us the release form to , or you can bring it on the day of your introductory lesson. 

     Second: After your intro lesson, you will receive a follow up email that will have a link to our “store” where you can purchase (“subscribe to”) our riding club membership if you choose to continue riding with us. After you pay, you will be scheduled into a weekly recurring slot and you will be given access to our riding club calendar where you can manage your schedule. 

"Patience is a virtue" 

— Riders are responsible for providing their own apparel, including an ASTM/SEI-approved helmet, gloves, boots or hard-soled shoes with heels, and riding breeches/jodhpurs or other long-legged pants (no shorts).  RSEC has a small number of helmets available for general use, but we recommend that all riding club members purchase their own helmets for proper fit and safety.

— Beginner riders are not allowed to catch, groom, and tack on their own until approved by an instructor to do so. 

Note: Lessons are typically 30 minutes of instruction under saddle. The trainer will work with beginner students for the additional time of grooming and tacking before lesson begins, and upon ending. 

— More experienced members are allowed (and encouraged) to arrive early to groom and tack before the lesson begins. 

— All riders, other than horse owners, must be under the supervision of an instructor while on the farm.

— Members will work with one of  RSEC's approved instructors who have all obtained advanced horsemanship skills through various riding disciplines and will create a lesson program tailored to your personal experience and goals.

— Membership dues are billed monthly. We request at least 30 days advance notice to cancel.  

— Membership is not predicated on riding or the amount of mounted time. Because membership is structured as a cost-share system, RSEC cannot refund any portion of the membership fees for a member's inability to ride because of bad weather or circumstances beyond the Farm's control. 

— Riding is weather permitting, but lessons are not.  Ground lessons are typically provided when weather is unsafe for riding. Ground lessons cover horsemanship lesson such as horse care and well-being, tack, and related subjects. After becoming a member, you will be able to discuss weather cancellation decisions with your instructor. 

— Riders are responsible for coordinating directly with their instructor for options during adverse weather and informing them when cancelling a lesson. Most instructors require 24-hours notice to avoid charging for the lesson. (This is primarily because the instructors rely on a steady income from the lessons they provide, and there is a chance that we can fill a cancelled slot if we have at least 24 hours advance notice of the cancellation.)  

— Every attempt is made to provide a safe environment for enjoying our horses and riding. However, all members must remember that horses can be unpredictable and dangerous, and riding or being around horses can result in serious injury or even death.

— Due to liability and insurance reasons, only individuals that have signed a liability release are permitted into the barn area (past the parking lot gate). Additionally, only the member and/or a parent/guardian helping a youth rider are allowed to: (a) enter a paddock where horses are kept; (b) enter a riding area, or; (c) interact with a horse (petting, feeding, etc.). No other persons, regardless of relationship, are allowed on the property (past the parking lot) unless a liability release is on file and approved by an instructor or RSEC management.

— Being in good physical condition is important when riding horses. Additionally, because of the type of horses we use, all riders must weigh less than 200 lbs. These requirements are to ensure everyone has a safe and positive experience during the session and horses are kept from injury.

— Riders may use their own saddle if approved by an instructor or RSEC management.

— Members may request a particular horse, but RSEC will choose the horse for the rider based on the rider's skill level and the animal's scheduled workload.

Riding Lessons

Additional Membership Benefits

How do I become an RSEC Member?

ANY QUESTIONS? INQUIRE BELOW or text us (267)871-9295 

- Being a member of RSEC also allows for practice rides, at a discounted rate of $45. They will be open based on availability and though you would be riding and caring for your horse on your own, you must follow the trainer’s advice and workout program that you are currently working on during the riding lessons.  These are flexible and hence can be paid in cash, Venmo, or check on the day of use. Understand that you are still booking a horse, so recurring last-minute cancellations may revoke practice ride privileges. 

- RSEC offers a 10% discount off the base membership for multiple riders from one family. First membership at regular price.  

- Volunteering opportunities are offered to members based on availability for students 18 and older.  Those include mucking, longing, horse handling, grooming, and other horse related activities involving horse's daily care. 

- You can bring a friend for a lesson at the discounted $45 rate up to 2 times per month; but we only allow 1 time per individual. They must sign up for the membership or pay the non-member rate after their first lesson. 


Provided on excellent horses, with a safe and fun learning environment. They are sold in monthly memberships, lessons must be scheduled within the month of the membership purchased. They can be paid cash, check or Venmo or credit card (4%fee) 

Riding Club Membership

Rising Star Equestrian Center is set up very similar to a gym or golf club membership program but is slightly different in that you are required to have an instructor present to use your membership privileges. 

For a monthly fee of $275, riding center members get to use a horse, tack, riding area, and the barn facilities, allowing you to take lessons with one of our approved riding instructors. Members are scheduled for one recurring time slot each week (up to an hour per week per member) but members are also able to schedule additional lessons in any open/un-booked time slots. This allows members to ride more than once per week if desired and/or schedule makeup lessons. (Note: Riding club membership includes 1 time slot per week. Additional rides will incur in additional discounted rates and will be based on availability). The rate for additional lessons as a member of Rising Star is $45 per lesson. You must have a credit card on file (4% surcharge), to be billed monthly, or pre-pay and schedule those lessons between 1st and 5th of month when you pay your membership. 

Non-members have a $75 per lesson fee, must be pre-paid, and does not have access to the practice rides or discounted lessons benefits.


Do my lessons need to be pre-scheduled?

Your first 4 riding lessons must be on a recurring weekly schedule. It is not required for the additional lessons you may take; but highly recommended to make sure we have availability for you with the best combo of horse & trainer that will best help your learning at the level you are riding. 

Can I make payments? 

Memberships are due on the 5th of every month. We have many forms of payment available to help you. We do offer payment to be divided in 2 (5th and 15th of the month) for those students taking bi-weekly lessons, or families that purchase two or more memberships. Those payment plans will have to be pre-authorized with a card on file and will be subject to a 4% processing fee. 

Can my weekly lessons be used the following month if I cancel or re-schedule?

No, memberships are monthly and cannot be carried over to the following month. Any lesson cancelled or re-scheduled with proper notice must be scheduled within the month of the pre-paid membership. 

Can I bring a friend as part of my membership? 
You may bring up to 2 friends (2 lessons) per month, at the rate of $45 each. Each friend gets one riding lesson, and must pay the non member fee after that, or sign up to become a member. 

Do you provide membership refunds?

No, we base our horse & trainer availability on the number of memberships and cannot provide a refund. In some instances you may transfer your membership to a friend or family member, but that will be determined on a per case basis. 

  • Single Riding Lesson & One time riding experience: $75


  • Monthly Membership once weekly riding  - $275 (plus 4% if paid PayPal or c.c.)


Custom Membership & family/group discounts available on a per case basis. Payment plans available. Please inquire for more details. 

Whether an experienced rider or a total novice, whatever your age, riding is a sport for all.
No matter which age or skill group you belong in, our stables will welcome you and offer the chance to enjoy our unique atmosphere to learn to ride, take private hacks or lessons, and develop your horse care and knowledge in the stables 

We also arrange social evenings, competitions, guest speakers, stable management talks and outings to equestrian events.

Bucks County is a unique place to be able to learn to ride, and we are fortunate that we can offer lessons in the outdoor arena, and have access to the Bucks County Horse Park.

Helmets are available for hire at no extra charge. Should you decide to get your own equipment, we can offer advice about what you would need and the best place to buy riding clothes.

General Rules and Restrictions